Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Latest Phase of Orthodontic Treatment Vancouver

Luckily many of people born with perfect teeth with beautiful smile make increase their confidence and Look.  Fewer of people not born with perfect teeth, but orthodontic treatment can make your life happy and attractively. Your dentist recommended any of the following types of braces which good for your teeth and health. It can help you in oral problems as well as all teeth related problems. In order to care and protect your jaws position, provide proper teeth with smile effectively. It is the branch of dentistry which helps to keep your smile beautiful and health.

What is the orthodontic treatment:-

•    It improve the appearance of teeth
•    It improve the chew function as well as biting function
•    Take impression on teeth
•    Regular dental visit to check the proper movement of teeth.

Orthodontic application is as follow-

•    Bands and Loop(B&L)
•    Arch wires
•    Over jet O rings
•    Headgear
•    Rubber bands(Elastics)
•    Retainers
•    Braces on teeth

A Bands and Loop is made up of stainless steel wire, It is use to hold the space for a missing baby posteriors teeth until when the permanent tooth cannot grown in. A wire loop attached to the crown extends into the space and touches the tooth on the other side. It can hold the space on both teeth. An arch wire is the part in the braces which the actual movement take place on teeth. Rubber bands are also known as Elastics bands, some time it is very necessary to wear rubber bands or elastic which coordinate the upper as well as lower teeth and perfect bit. Headgear is used to correct the protrusion position of the upper or lower jaw. O rings also known as the name A-lastics; it is a small ring which attaches the braces and arch wires. Braces are the small attachment on the teeth which bonded directly on the tooth surface area.

Types of brackets: - There are many types of braces but which is suit or best for me.

•    Ceramic Braces
•    Damon Braces
•    Traditional Braces

If you would like more detail regarding orthodontic treatment in Vancouver, please make a call at (604) 414 -4290. Dentist VanCity is a top dental clinic that represents considerable authority in corrective, general, crisis, and pediatric dentistry systems. Make sure you feel more relaxed about the treatment!

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